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Laminators : Wood

Wood is a noble and fragile material in many ways. That is why Walco pays particular attention to the delicacy and precision of each of its machines.

What types of wood are Walco laminators suitable for?

Walco laminators are suitable for the following substrates:

  • Raw wood,
  • MDF,
  • particleboard.

Highly precise wood laminators

Because every product must remain in new condition, especially delicate raw wood and MDF products, each Walco laminator offers fine and precise work.

A specific system dedicated to noble materials

Waco has developed a unique cutting system that allows the protective film to be applied to the edge of a panel to protect the substrate during the operation. This precise application also allows the natural appearance of the wood to be preserved on the sides that are not directly used or covered with a protective film.

Machines for every project

Walco wood laminators can be equipped with various specific systems:

  • automatic longitudinal and transverse cutting,
  • automatic or semi-automatic roll splicing,
  • heated rollers,
  • chrome or rubber rollers.

Wood laminators capable of integrating complete lines

All the machines produced by Walco can be customized by the company in order to integrate seamlessly into the design process. Each wood laminator can thus be integrated into a complete line or assembled with other specific machines to operate in one go, without interruption or malfunction. Walco studies each customer's project and sets up specific wood laminator systems to adapt to each customer's operation.

Walco can also provide third-party machines to complete a production line, such as:

  • loading and unloading systems;
  • part turners;
  • belt and roller conveyors;
  • glue feeding and conditioning systems.