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Laminators : Glass & Windows

WALCO® has designed the widest range of vertical and horizontal industrial laminators to apply protective films to Insulated Glass Units (IGU), flat glass and mirrors. 

WALCO® supplies the first, unique vertical laminator for IGUs and the flat glass industries: the VX. This is one of the latest patended innovations by WALCO® and it is dedicated to the glass and windows industries. The VX laminates the protective films on both faces in a single pass to save downtime. This vertical laminator fits in perfectly to the vertical glass production process. In addition, the VX2 automatically calculates the protection area to match the IGU or flat glass product. Double glazing and flat glass edges are also kept free of protective film thanks to the VX innovative cutting technology. 

Automatic horizontal industrial laminators are also available to apply protective film to flat glass especially for acid etching applications, or to mirrors, for safety backing application, for example. 

WALCO® laminators apply film perfectly to IGU, flat glass and mirror substrates:

  • Bubble-free
  • Wrinkle-free
  • No film elongation
  • Safety & Ergonomics
  • Easy to use
  • Industrial & Compact

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WALCO® recommends Novacel® films for insulating glazing, flat glass and mirror backing.

More info on Novacel® website!

Industrial laminators dedicated to glass

Protect all types of glass sheets with the VX2 glass laminator by Walco®: 

  •  to apply protective films to windows
  •  to optimize the protection of mirrors
  •  to process industrial glass sheets

Glass laminators automate the application of film to all types of glass, providing greater precision and efficiency. By using industrial laminators, companies can ensure efficient application of protective films on glass substrates. 

The glass laminator is entirely dedicated to this material and can therefore handle all types of glass, even thin, fragile and delicate surfaces, such as mirrors for example. Specialized companies all use a glass laminator, which allows them to process a large quantity of surfaces in a short period of time, without risking the integrity of the material.