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Frequently asked questions

How do I determine which machine is best suited to my needs?

Our Walco market managers are specialists in each machine and will be able to advise you according to your problems, your production and your existing fleet. You can use the contact form or contact one of our market managers directly by phone.

Is it possible to customize the functionalities of a Walco machine according to the company's needs ?

Each Walco machine has a standard configuration to which several options can be added, making its use more specific and allowing to systematize the processes. Do not hesitate to consult each product sheet or to contact the market manager concerned who will be able to answer your various requests.

How can I integrate Walco machines into my existing production lines ?

Walco is above all dedicated to production lines.  All of our machines can be configured to fully integrate with existing lines. This is why it is important to describe precisely the specificities and implementation of your existing park: each Walco machine can indeed be modified in order to fully adapt to the systems already in place, without requiring additional manipulations during the execution of the processes.

How to guarantee the machine's durability ?

Walco machines, whether they are gluers, laminators or converters, benefit from an after-sales service available on every continent and are also eligible for spare parts replacement thanks to the dedicated program set up to prevent breakdowns and possible malfunctions.

Does Walco also supply protective films for laminating substrates?

Walco itself does not supply protective films, but its parent company Novacel Solutions supplies all types of protective films, suitable for all surfaces. Since 2017, OMMA, WALCO and NOVACEL have shared their knowledge and experience about surface protection. We also worked with our customers to understand how we can help them to be more efficient in their process.

Novacel has developed many solutions for your surface: from processing & protecting films to technical papers or also technical tapes.