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Roll Slitter & Web converting equipment

The slitting and rewinding machine is a solution for unwinding, assembling, slitting, and winding coils of various materials.

Specialized in the automated transformation of coils, it allows to realize different actions:

  • unwind a single coil, cut it and rewind the substrate into several smaller coils;
  • obtain a single coil from several smaller coils;
  • assemble and join several coils together to obtain a larger quantity of substrate.

The automatic slitter rewinder is particularly used in the graphic, printing paper or toilet paper industry.

A slitter rewinder adapted to the requirements of the industry

The slitter rewinder is indispensable in the industrial world. It produces small products that are easy to process and suitable for transport and logistics. The slitting of rolls is carried out on one or more layers, depending on the production requirements.

Implementing and integrating new converting machines means knowing the problems of each customer in order to meet their specific needs. Experienced in converting systems, Walco provides reliable solutions for assembling flexible webs in single or multiple widths.

Customized web converting equipment

Walco will meet your specific needs and set up a custom system to meet:

  • Your widths;
  • Your speeds;
  • Your application;
  • Your processes;
  • Your requirements.

Slitting can be parameterized in all aspects

The Walco slitter rewinder solution can be parameterized and allows the reels to be slit to the desired number of rolls, with specific variable dimensions. Here are the configurations taken into account by the Walco slitter rewinder:

  • Automatic edge guiding;
  • Safety air cylinders;
  • Unwinding station;
  • Automatic edge guiding;
  • Automatic unwind tension controls;
  • Air shafts and air bladder chucks;
  • Lateral rolling edge adjustment;
  • Lower rewind shaft carriage for easy changeover;
  • Safety chucks;
  • Pneumatically operated rolling knives;
  • Pneumatic safety cylinders and single pinch point adjustment modules;
  • Pivoting manual control station for the operator.