WALCO®, Experts in Coating & Lamination technologies


Welcome to our WALCO® - powered by Novacel® - world!

Walco® is a global leader supplying a comprehensive range of cutting-edge industrial laminators for protecting all types of surface, converting machines to put your rolls of film or tapes at the right size and coating machines to apply your glues and varnishes on different surfaces.  We design and assemble all our machines in Western Europe and in the United States for over 60 years.

We in WALCO all share the same values:Romain DELAIGLE / Walco CEO

  • Innovation;
  • Listening to & advising our customers to best meet their needs;
  • Meeting our commitments (design to cost, on-time delivery);
  • Long-term support.

We are all extremely proud of our ability to assist your business by providing the safest, the most reliable and the most efficient game-changing solutions.

Thanks to our innovation efforts, we are genuine game-changers in surface protection: our VX2 and TX Precision are just two of our latest breakthroughs. We have also developed a roller slitter capable of cutting all types of synthetic materials.Stay tuned as others will be following soon.

So, let’s start making sure your products are better protected!

-- Romain DELAIGLE / Walco CEO --