WALCO®, Experts in Coating & Lamination technologies



 As a player in the environmental protection, WALCO® designs and manufactures eco-friendly machines in a "green industry" approach. 

Manufactured with high quality materials, they are designed to be durable. Made mostly of steel, they are almost 100% recyclable. We use advanced electro-mechanical components allowing to operate with a reduced energy demand

Our services also contribute to the ecological dimension of WALCO®. The updating of your machines by our teams of specialists improves their durability and production capacity, thus avoiding their replacement.

On request, we also offer a reconditioning service before being offered on the second hand market. If reconditioning is not possible, we can offer a recycling service.

Reconditioning allows us to offer a second life to machines by addressing a major ecological challenge: the "circular economy", by offering a viable solution in a context of resource depletion and climate change.