WALCO®, Experts in Coating & Lamination technologies


WALCO® is well-established on the furniture market. As specialists in specialised machinery, we know how important it is to assemble finishing components perfectly. Our expertise covers every aspect of the furniture market, where our advanced equipment plays a important role in making furniture look great and last longer.

WALCO® is expert in providing specialized machinery tailored specifically for the furniture industry. 

One of the main areas we focus on is assembling finishing components like veneer, laminate (CPL/HPL), decorative papers, decorative plastic materials, metallic finishes, and solid wood products. Our range of rollers coater is all about accuracy and flexibility, allowing manufacturers to apply a variety of adhesive materials evenly and precisely. Whether it's vinyl PVA, EVA, EPI, Polyurethane PU, phenolic, or urea glues, our machines ensure consistent bonding across different materials, helping manufacturers achieve top-notch results.

In addition to our coaters, our laminators are essential tools in furniture manufacturing. They're designed to apply laminate, decorative papers, and other decorative plastic materials seamlessly, enhancing the appearance and durability of furniture surfaces. By adding a process & protective layer that improves resistance to scratches, stains, and environmental damage, our machines play a key role in making furniture last longer better.

Example of application:

WALCO® helps obtain a perfect final appearance on a range of substrates:

  • HPL: High Pressure Laminates;
  • PPSM boards;
  • MSC: Melamine Surfaced Chipboard;
  • Compact;
  • and more...

WALCO® laminators help the furniture industry protect their sensitive products at every stage of their production process:

  • Handling;
  • Cutting ;
  • Bending;
  • Postforming;
  • Fabrication;
  • Transportation;
  • Installation.

Customers pay great attention to the final appearance of products when they are buying for the home. WALCO® helps obtain a perfect final aspect for furniture. For example:

  • Tables;
  • Cabinet doors;
  • Closets;
  • Kitchen worktops;
  • Glass decoration.

Our machines adapted to furniture: