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Various services are offered to Waco customers in order to optimize their experience with the machines and to perpetuate their use. Walco supports you at every stage of the machine's life: at reception, during installation, during use and also at the end of its life. Let's discover together Walco's proposals to guarantee a fruitful collaboration between our companies.


At the time of the installation of the system, a technician intervenes within your company in order to train each actor in the use of the machine or the system in place. The training consists in ensuring an operational mastery of the Walco tools to each user and in guaranteeing the safety of all within the company thanks to a virtuous use of the machines.

For models with many options, Walco technicians can intervene several times throughout their life cycle to train the teams on the subtleties of each specific functionality.

Finally, Walco teams are available for utilization and optimization evaluations anywhere in the world.

After-sales service and refurbishment

Because an operational service is the guarantee of a machine's durability, Walco teams are at your disposal to carry out regular maintenance and to advise you on the best practices for each machine. The Walco Parts & Service team has many years of experience and knows every reference. Take advantage of this expertise to get the most out of your machine and to optimize its durability.

Spare parts

Should your machine require repair or replacement of a part, Walco is committed to getting it to you as quickly as possible. In order to respond to this eventuality, Walco ensures that it can help each of its customers thanks to :

  • its ideal location, situated near major transportation routes (air, rail and road);
  • the maintenance of a stock of parts and accessories dedicated to each reference.

You need an intervention? Please contact us.