WALCO®, Experts in Coating & Lamination technologies


Our design department has developed innovative solutions for perfect lamination of protection films, a fast and accurate cutting of the initial coil into two or more rolls of smaller width, or successfully apply various types of coatings to a wide variety of materials. We constantly are adapting to the constraints of our customers for product type and integration into their production lines.

WALCO® research and development departments are constantly searching for innovations, filing numerous patents, with the goal of meeting the challenges of both today and tomorrow.

The latest innovations by WALCO®:


  • This automatic flush cut system (patented technology) can apply several pieces of protective film to the same substrate;
  • Servo-positioning of thickness to match the incoming substrate.

Discover the TX PRECISION

VX2 patented technology

  • Adjustment of the protection area to the size of the glass component;
  • IGU edges remain free of protective film;
  • Ability to protect both IGU faces in a single pass.

Roll slitter

Fully automatic, Walco Log Slitter allows the fast and accurate cutting of the initial coil into two or more rolls of smaller width, without rewinding process.

  • Protective cabin and soundproofing
  • Motorized loading/unloading
  • Sliding front door access with interlock
  • Automatic position setting (trough HMI)
  • Motorized height adjustable roll support tray

Special machines

WALCO® develops custom-made machines to meet your technical needs, large widths or heights, high speeds. Our robotic solutions automate your industrial laminating processes and improve your performance.

We worked closely with our customer to design and build a unique laminator for bankcard lamination. The Walco-designed machine not only allows perfect application of the temporary protection film, but also features a fully automated cycle with robotic arms and versatility for topside, backside or double-side application. To find out more about our Special machines.