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WALCO France is located in Meyzieu, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes was acquired by Novacel (Chargeurs). Previously the company was called Asidium and was specialized in the mechanical maintenance of machines for the textile industry. As the textile industry has undergone major reorganizations in the last decades, it is naturally that the WALCO France company positioned itself on the market of protective film laminators in the 90's, strong of its expertise in roller machines. It was during this new positioning that WALCO France created a partnership with the company that would buy it years later: Novacel.

Awards in its field of expertise

Vertical laminating machine for glass protection

In the 2000s, WALCO France extended its expertise to the automotive field in order to provide optimal protection for the paintwork on new vehicles leaving the factory. It then designed a fully automatic machine, winner of the ARTINOV 2004 prize. The company won the same prize again in 2006 with a machine specifically designed for PSA (Peugeot group).

WALCO has also developed with the SAINT GOBAIN Industrial Research Center an automatic vertical laminating machine for glass protection with the particularity of leaving an unprotected spare on the edge of the glass. This project is at the origin of the VX2, WALCO's innovative vertical laminator capable of applying protective film on IGU and single or double-sided glass with a cycle time of only 30 seconds.

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