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VX Smart

This is the core version of the VX, our unique vertical laminator.

VX Smart is a compact standalone vertical laminator custom-designed for the application of a temporary protective film on Insulated Glass Units, flat glass or other flat surfaces. 

The VX Smart uses the latest WALCO® patented technologies such as the WALCO® cutting system. 

Mains options

  • Protection of both sides of Glass in a single pass
  • Conveyor before and after the laminating process
  • Secondary Applicator

VX Smart

Added Value

  • Reduced foot print (Length about 7 m)
  • Adjustable remaining margin on the glass
  • Entry-level machine
  • WALCO® patent on electrostatic charge retention and positioning system

Cutting System

  • WALCO® Patented Automatic cutting system with adjustable margin
  • Cut to edge
  • Negative or Positive cut

Working width

  • Height : 300 mm to 3,200 mm (12” to 126”)
  • Length: 500 mm to the maximum conveyor length
  • Other sizes available on customer request


  • Thickness of the single glass is 4 mm to 80 mm (0.16” to 3.15”)