WALCO®, Experts in Coating & Lamination technologies


The I Walco is an industrial laminator standalone or inline, applying protective or permanent film. This dependable protective film applicator is designed for sheet-fed operation.

It allows to laminate virtually any overlay material to sheet substrates with minimal set-up time

Walco systems and machines are built-to-order, ranging from simple to complex: depending upon your unique production, safety and operational requirements.

Our laminators can apply pressure sensitive (PSA) tapes or films to a wide variety of coil or web stocks including: Steel; Plastics; Extrusions; Flexible webs; Woven webs; Non-woven webs; Glass

Standard configuration

  • Welded tubular steel frame construction 
  • No deflection roll for widths until sizes of 180  Inches. 
  • Foot control variable speed monitoring
  • Inline fitted frame
  • Nip gap single point adjustment
  • Touch screen electrical control
  • Air brake

Main options

  • Infeed/Outfeed gravity conveyors
  • Powered infeed/outfeed conveyors
  • Unilateral hydraulic pop-up conveyor
  • In-line PVC remover
  • In-feed edge guide system
  • Bottom unwind station for simultaneous top and bottom lamination
  • Bottom trolley system for quick bottom roll change
  • Hot wire cutting system


Added Value

  • Start and stop LED light for safety
  • Application to top, bottom or both face
  • Continuous or discontinuous working process

Cutting System

  • Manual or Automatic cut

Working width

  • From 1,220 mm (48") to 4,570 mm (180")
  • Other sizes available on customer request


  • From 0.5mm to 60mm (0.02’’ to 2.5‘’)
  • Other sizes available on customer request