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Meet Oualid, the new Walco® Technical Sales Representative.

Meet Oualid, the new Walco® Technical Sales Representative.

Oualid joined WALCO® in June 2022 as a Technical Sales Representative working at the ASIDIUM site, a few kilometers from Lyon, France. ASIDIUM, as well as all the companies of the WALCO® brand, is part of the Novacel® group. It manufactures and markets protective film laminators worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in business development, Oualid considers his arrival as a challenge in which he will bring his experience, interpersonal skills and positive attitude to the company.

A few weeks after his arrival, we asked him a series of questions about his integration within the group.

Hello and welcome. Can you tell us about your background?

My name is Oualid; I grew up in the Plastic Valley in Montreal-la Cluse. After school and a scientific baccalaureate obtained at the Xavier Bichat high school in Nantua, I studied mechanical engineering in Le Creusot. I started my working life in my native region in the plastics industry, especially in screen-printing and hot stamping, until 2000 when I decided to move to Lyon and to change my career to sales.

Several sales positions later, I founded my first company in 2011 in the trade of cutting tools throughout France, before buying a screw-cutting factory in 2013 that I sold in 2017.

Since then I have worked with several associations in Morocco, before joining ASIDIUM as a Technical Salesman for slightly more than a month.

What is your role and your activities within WALCO® ?

I work on prospecting for new customers but also on developing the loyalty of our existing customers.

With a basic technical profile, I am constantly trying to understand how the machines we offer work and to be as rigorous as possible in order to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Why did you choose to join WALCO®?

It is mainly thanks to the words of Mr. Olivier Broca, CEO of ASIDIUM, that I decided to take on this new challenge.

I am a man of action who likes to take on challenges and achieve them.

What are your objectives in this new company?

 My personal objectives are firstly to be part of a new team at the service of the company because I believe in teamwork. Secondly, I want to bring all my experience, my know-how in the industry and my energy to help ASIDIUM and the WALCO® brand to grow and become strong and well-known.

Could you describe ASIDIUM in a few words?

ASIDIUM is primarily a great team with no shortage of ideas for a bright future.

It is also an innovative company with concrete projects that will change the laminating industry.

What do you think is the most important quality of a good salesperson?

The sense of relationship is for me essential, with a touch of empathy that makes the perfect mix to establish a climate of trust with the customer.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am passionate about sports in general and soccer in particular. I am a volunteer sports educator for children under 15 years old. I also like car mechanics; by the way, I am working on a project to restore an old vehicle.