WALCO®, Experts in Coating & Lamination technologies


WALCO® powered by NOVACEL offers the widest range of lamination machines dedicated to the horizontal or vertical application of temporary protective films. WALCO® designs the most innovative, reliable, robust and safe laminating machines thanks to 60 years of shared experience between engineers from America, Italy and France.

WALCO® roll laminators offer the best available performances on the market regardless of the surface to protect.

Horizontal laminator

Vertical laminator

Industrial Laminators

WALCO® industrial laminators are high-performance equipment which allow easy and fast lamination of protective films, without wrinkles or bubbles in any size and on any flat surface. 
WALCO® in-line and off-line laminating systems increase protective film application productivity following the customers' pace of production.

WALCO® manual and automatic lamination machines respect customers’ requirements in terms of budget and volume of substrate to protect with an adhesive film:

  • Manual industrial laminators are common on the market for low-scale industrial applications. They offer a perfect lamination on all surfaces: metals, plastic, wood, flat glass and others.
  • Automatic industrial laminators are the most sophisticated laminators. Indeed, the patented WALCO® cutting system can apply the protective film at the edge of all the sheets. Moreover, the Precision technology, a second patent, can apply the film with a negative cut (small margin free of film) or positive cut (a few millimeters longer than the edge of the sheets). WALCO® laminators can satisfy all customers’ expectations. 
  • WALCO® horizontal and vertical laminating machines fit perfectly to all customers’ processes and are very safe and user-friendly.  Several ergonomic specifications such as a control panel, foot control and an easy-to-use system warranty high-quality production equipment. All WALCO® industrial laminators are customer-designed to comply with all customers’ requests: automatic conveyors, electric static bars, security systems, LED lights, cranes, stacking devices, and many others…


WALCO® powered by NOVACEL protective film laminating machines are reliable and compact industrial laminators. Indeed, WALCO® has many years of experience in manufacturing and commercializing lamination process machines all over the world. WALCO® highest standards allow customers to use their WALCO® industrial laminators; in the majority of cases for more than 15 years.


75% of all WALCO® roll laminators sold each year are sold with the latest WALCO® patented innovations such as, cut to edge and high precision film application, or automatic vertical laminators. This innovation strategy allows WALCO® to offer Industry 4.0 technology to all customers and in order to always propose the best machine to apply perfectly the protective films. 


Security is the main and daily concern of WALCO®. All this begins in the WALCO® premises where all the WALCO® employees engage actively in keeping themselves and each other safe during work. All WALCO® powered by NOVACEL industrial laminators comply with the European security standards such as machine directive 2006/CE. And WALCO® transmits its philosophy to each customer during the operators training.


All WALCO® laminators are designed to offer the best ergonomic solutions for the operators on the line, at every stage of the application of protective film. From the set-up of the protective film until the final application on the customer substrate.

Environmental Friendly

The environment is a crucial point for the future generation. Regarding manufacturing its laminating equipment, WALCO® uses more than 90% environmentally-friendly materials such as aluminium and stainless steel for all the frames of the laminators. Furthermore, the spare parts like the shaft roll holder and roll application can be revamped by WALCO® instead of buying a new one, reducing waste and costs.