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Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Converting Systems

Since 1949, Walco has been the standard for “built to last” Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Converting Systems .Walco gets the job done!

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Walco Web Converting Equipment, Web Handling Machines

Converting Equipment melding 2, 3, 4 or 5 flexible webs together into a single or multiple width laminates.

Successful implementation and integration of new web converting equipment and slitting machinery requires a well-qualified company with a clear understanding of your application, allowing them to design and manufacture the proper web converting equipment to meet your needs.

Walco, Inc. has extensive experience in providing web converting systems that easily and reliably bring flexible webs together into single or multiple width webs. Walco has been designing and building robust web converting, lamination and web to web converting equipment since 1949. Over 10,300 machines have been shipped to 60+ countries.

web converting equipment

Walco 813 Series Web Handling Machine – Web to Web Converting Equipment

– roll coating a Hot Melt to the top paper web, and then laminating the two (2) blue webs together as one (1)

  • 50 fpm rates.
  • Hot melt roll coater combined with web converting

813 Series Web to Web Converting Machines

Walco 813 Series Web to Web Converting Machines

– Joining three (3) flexible webs together as one (1), then power anvil slitting twenty (20) ribbons onto two (2) separate powered rewind stations.

  • Automatic edge guiding
  • Safety air cylinders.
  • Safety Chucks

Web Converting and Slitting Machinery

Walco 813 Series – Web to Web Converting Equipment and Slitting Machinery

Laminating three (3) webs together as one, while simultaneously removing two (2) release liners, slitting into 25 different widths, and power rewinding to two (2) Rewind stations.

  • Three (3) Unwind and four (4) Cantilevered Rewind stations
  • Safety Air Cylinders and Single Point Nip adjustment modules.
  • Swing out Operator manual control station.

Web handling machine

Walco 813 Series – Web to Web Converting Equipment –

Laminating three (3) flexible webs together as one (1) – power rewinding to a single core.

  • Three (3) Unwind stations with Airbrakes
  • One (1) powered Rewind station
  • Safety Air Cylinders

Web to web equipment

Walco 813 Series Web Handling Machine

– Slitting 20 adjustable crush cut,
air controlled rolling knives slitting to two (2) powered rewind stations.

Web to Web converting

Walco 813 Series Web Handling Machine– Web to Web converting equipment

Laminating two (2) webs together as one (1).

  • Heat activated web
  • 90 basis weight paper
  • Automatic edge guiding
  • Automatic Unwind tensions controls
  • Powered – on roll rewinding
  • Safety Chucks
  • Airshafts and Air Bladder chucks
72” Wide Web Converting Machine

Walco 813-72” Wide Web Converting Machine–

Laminating two (2) webs together as one (1) while simultaneously removing a protective liner and rewinding back to a single core.

  • Lateral running edge adjustability
  • Safety Air Cylinders
  • Two (2) powered Rewind stations
  • Two (2) Unwind stations
  • Single point nip gap adjustability
  • Bottom Unwind shaft trolley for easier changeovers

Why choose Walco Web Converting Machinery?

With Walco web handling equipment YOU choose your requirement–Walco builds a web converting machine to meet your specifications:
  • Your widths
  • Your speeds
  • Your application
  • Your processes
  • Your requirements

  • Non-disclosures? – Absolutely no problem with Walco web to web coating machines
  • Hot or Cold processing is easy with a Walco
  • Simple Manual Operating controls up to full PLC/ HMI system automation

Successful web to web coating requires the proper equipment to meet your needs. Walco brings extensive knowledge and experience of web converting systems with proven:

  • Comprehensive Design Processes: Walco’s team works with you on a detailed needs analysis to ensure your web converting machine is designed to meet your specific requirements.

  • Equipment Safety: Walco’s reputation for building systems with safety and quality has remained unparalleled for many decades.

  • On Time Delivery: Walco understands the importance of meeting a committed to delivery date and how it impacts the manufacturing process. Walco’s reputation for on-time delivery is unequaled.

  • Open Communication:Walco’s team is available before, during and–most importantly–after the equipment manufacture and delivery process. Your inquiry or request receives an immediate response.

  • Equipment Reliability: Walco, Inc. provides strong global onsite installation and after sales support for its web converting machines. Over ten thousand systems delivered prove Walco’s laminating, coating, and web converting machines are among the most reliable in the world.

Walco is committed to delivering the absolute best custom web converting, coating & lamination machinery, equipment and systems available in the marketplace today.

When you chose a web converting machine from Walco you are guaranteed the highest standard of excellence. Send us an RFQ for your specific system requirements– we promise to respond within one business day.

Walco, Inc. - Builders of Robust Laminators, Coaters, Applicators and Converters – since 1949.

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