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Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Converting Systems

Since 1949, Walco has been the lamination equipment manufacturer for “built to last” Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Converting Systems. Walco machines get the job done!

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WALCO Industrial Laminators, Large Laminating Machines

Since 1949, Walco, Inc. has been the industry Standard for Industrial Laminating Machines, Large Laminating machines,, Industrial Squeeze Roll Coaters and Applicators, and Web handling machines.

Walco, Inc. has proven to be the leader in industrial laminating equipment for decades. For the last 61 years Walco has engineered some of the most innovative heavy duty laminating machines in the industry, including the world's largest laminating system . Over 10,000 Walco industrial laminators, coaters, applicators and converters are in use in over 59 countries. Today, Walco has the highest number of squeeze roll laminators in operation worldwide.

Major lamination materials manufacturers recommend Walco machines to their customers, including the largest lamination materials manufacturer in the world. These well-respected manufacturers conduct their in-house testing using Walco laminating machinery.

Traffic Sign Laminators, Sheet Metal Laminators, Glass Laminators, Wood Laminators...
This list is just a few of the types of manufacturers who rely on Walco, Inc. lamination equipment for excellent quality construction with every automatic laminating machine they receive--every time.

Walco Machines : Reputable History, Reliable Laminators

Walco’s customers’ success stems from Walco’s standard ease of operation. Walco’s ease of operation is the laminating, applicating, and converting industry’s standard. Users of Walco’s squeeze roll laminators work directly with Walco’s industrial laminating machine design and engineering teams. As a result, every system is:

  • Tailor-made for each customer’s specific environment and needs
  • Built with rugged construction for years of economical operation
  • Engineered with simplicity of design and quality craftsmanship
  • Continually improved by automatically incorporating all newly added design features.

Safety is first with all Walco, Inc.. Many standard safety features are included on every Walco Walco laminator.

Traffic Sign Laminators, Sheet Metal Laminators, Glass Laminators, Wood Laminators–Laminators for Every Material & Substrate. Large laminating machines and applicators that can easily be customized to fit any sizing configuration are a Walco specialty: Large format laminators, Wide format laminators... Walco, Inc. can successfully apply (no wrinkles, bubbles or pull-aways) any grade of laminate or reflective sheeting to a wide variety of substrates. A range of customizable laminating and application systems ensures that Walco has a heavy duty laminator to meet each customer’s needs.

Walco's Large Laminating Machinery includes:

Overlay Laminators for PSA or PVC Material

- Designed for continuous or intermittent, medium or heavy-duty operations. Walco industrial overlay laminators and applicators features completely guarded nip and mechanical areas, standard E-Stop and safety pull cable safety stop, welded tubular steel frames, heavy-duty rolls, as well as standard and custom widths. Large options list, including in and outfeed conveyors allow customers to “design’ the laminator or applicator needed.

Squeeze Roll Laminators/Applicators

- Walco’s medium and heavy-duty “SRA – Squeeze Roll Applicator” series is versatile enough to handle every combination of grades of reflective sheeting and substrates, including edge wrapping and barricade applications. Variable speed selection, safety air cylinder / nip automatic opening, single point adjustments and in/outfeed conveyors are all standard features of Walco’s SRA – Squeeze Roll Applicator series.

Extrusion / Barricade Laminating Machines

–Walco’s 823 Extrusion, Barricade, and Edge Wrapping laminators easily applies all reflective sheeting to extrusions, barricades, and standard sign blanks - all with incredible accuracy.

In-Line Protective Film Laminators

Fit within any existing conveyor or processing line application, Walco's in lamination systems can be designed to handle flat or extruded lengths. Materials can be applied to a variety of coil stocks such as steel, plastics, extrusions and other continuous line substrates. Walco’s In-Line Laminators and Applicators travel at your existing line speeds.

Film to Glass Laminators

Specifically designed to apply pressure sensitive shatterproof solar control films to glass lites up to 72" (1830mm) wide and up to 1/2" (12mm) thick. A heavy duty laminator with "operator friendly" controls applies the film easily and quickly with no wrinkles or bubbles.

Walco, Inc. provides strong, world-wide, onsite installation, troubleshooting and after sales support. The high number of Walco industrial lamination, application and web converting machines in use worldwide, and the continued satisfaction of Walco customers is a reflection of Walco’s never-ending commitment to quality workmanship and outstanding service.

Whenever you purchase a large laminating machine or laminating system from Walco you are guaranteed the highest standard of excellence. Send us an RFQ for your specific lamination system requirements– we promise to respond within one business day. For the best, longest-lasting laminating and coating equipment, Contact Walco, Inc. today.

Walco, Inc. - Builders of Robust Laminators, Coaters, Applicators and Converters – since 1949

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