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Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Converting Systems

Since 1949, Walco has been the standard for “built to last” Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Converting Systems.Walco gets the job done!

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WALCO MODEL 830 In-Line Protective Film Laminator

The Walco model 830 Inline Laminator applies pressure sensitive materials to a variety of coil stocks. These coil stocks can be steel, plastics, extrusions and other continuous line substrates. Our Walco model 830 Inline Laminators are very unique to each customer and therefore is engineered to fit the customer's requirements and existing line.

Walco, Inc. are built-to-order and as you can see, a couple of options are available. Please contact us for additional information. Contact us today;We are happy to send you information for your application's requirement.

Walco, Inc. - Builders of Robust Laminators, Coaters, Applicators and Converters – since 1949

Protective Film Laminator