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Since 1949, Walco has been the standard for “built to last” Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Converting Systems.Walco gets the job done!

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Walco Machine - Extrusion & Barricade Laminators

Walco Helps You Get it Together:

Walco’s Extrusion/Barricade Laminators are designed specifically for Traffic Safety Signs & Barricade Manufacturers.

The Extrusion/Barricade Laminator (822 or 823) will laminate the extrusion or barricade with accuracy and a minimum of rejects. Each sign blank material whether it be aluminum, plywood, extrusions, etc., has its own characteristics, as does each grade of sheeting. The unique needs of the modern sign shop requires the ability to laminate all grades of reflective sheeting to a variety of substrates. To accomplish the task Walco has two specific traffic sign/extruded barriers laminators designed.

With the available extrusion option, the Walco model 822 SRA can be easily adjusted to laminate your reflective sheeting to either 12.0" extrusions and barricades or standard flat 48" and 60" sign blanks. An optional Walco edge wrapping system can also be included, giving complete sign laminating flexibility.

The Walco model 823 is a powered, stand-alone laminator designed specifically to laminate 12.0" extrusions and barricades and can include an optional edge wrapping system


extrusion laminator


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